Banners & Signs

At Nextwave our full-line of services include the printing of:

Signage and banners offer a unique opportunity of rapid engagement with a diverse set of clientele. Afterall, a bored bystander and car passenger are often idly looking at signs and note down numbers when something they’re looking for catches their eye. Placed strategically, their return on marketing investment is high, often quadrupling your business. Signage of a brand also has the power to communicate a great deal about the character of a business. Well made signage conveys the professional pride in your business and branding, which in turn inspires confidence from potential customers.   Banners and signage are the first marketing tools to take a hit when budgets are low. But you don’t make your decision before you see our prices! Our client-focused business solutions allow us to be flexible with our prices without compromising any of the quality!

Table Throws
Table Throws are a business friendly solution to stand out in a crowd and to help your clientele spot you. A table throwaway boasting your logo business message jazzes up your space and inspires that much more confidence in your clientele. And that makes your brand that much more memorable!   Browse through our fabulous choices, choose and place your order, and get a proof! Vio la it is absolutely that easy!   Economy 3 Sided Table Throws:
  • 6’ Economy Table Throw 1 imprint (128.5”W x 86.5”D)
  • 6’ Economy Table Throw Full Color (128.5”W x 86.5”D)
  • 8’ Economy Table Throw 1 imprint (152.5”Wx86.5”D)
  • 8’ Economy Table Throw Full Color (152.5”Wx86.5”D)
Table Runners
  • 28” Accent Table Runner Full Color (28” x 80”)
  • 36” Accent Table Runner Full Color (36” x 60”)
  • 57” Accent Table Runner Full Color (57” x 80”)
Concerned about designing your brand? Talk to our fabulous graphic designs team!

Econo Feather Flag
  Feather flags catch the eye precisely because they stand out! A cheap and customizable banner, they are a no brainer marketing tool.   Feather flags stand out in a landscape of ubiquitous images and banners. A flag shaped like a feather, it’s unique shape draws the eye and get your messaging read. Once you have a stand, you can also make additional feather flags for different sales or products and swap them out as necessary. Durable and portable, they can be used both indoor and outdoors. Plus, they make for professional business tools that can also double as directional signage! So show off that brand!

Rigid Signs
Rigid signs are neighborhood friendly advertising signs. They’re in front of storefronts, by walkways or on construction sites giving directions or warnings, or affixed in front yards advertising services or declaring political affiliations.   In short, they are everywhere!   Rigid signs are best used for its long lasting durability. With it’s flat surface, and water resistant resistant properties, rigid signs are an economical way to attract eyes and bring clienteles in!

A-Frame Signs
Don’t underestimate A-Frame signs just because they are traditional. A traditional sign jazzed up with professional graphics catch the attention of pedestrians, and bring in more business.   A-frame signs can be used to announce seasonal promotions or to direct people to hard to find locations. A-frame signs are a cost effective and portable marketing for any number of businesses!

Adhesive Vinyls
Adhesive Vinyls are a cost effective marketing tool useful for multiple surfaces. Use them on your glass windows, as an interior wall decorater, on the floor of your new office, or for your parade, adhesive vinyls are versatile. Bright and colorful, they can be maintained easily with gentle cleaners.   Especially effective for seasonal marketing, adhesive vinyls can be removed and pasted as easily as saying 1-2-3! Die-cut adhesive vinyls are also a colourful way to make sure your brand stands out when your fleet of vehicles is boasting them, or when you want to give your storefront a more sleeker look.Plus, it’s environmentally sound!   We offer opaque, translucent, and reflective vinyl. Looking for designs? Contact our graphics design department

Magnet Signs
Looking for a mobile advertising strategy? Magnetic signs are the way to go! Magnetic signs can be placed on any number of vehicles to stand out from your competition. Not only do they make the vehicle in question look more professional, they easily get the word out around the geographical area where you provide services. Their easy removal makes them efficiently reusable and the vinyl surface is easy to clean!

Vinyl Banners
Have a lot to say? Looking for signage that’s versatile for both indoor and outdoor use? Vinyl banners are your easy solution!   Easy to customize, vinyl banners allow you to generate audience interest both indoors and outdoors. Plus, they allow you the versatility to print your logo, any brand messaging you wish together with any number of special events or products that you may be looking to advertise.     And with vinyl’s flexibility, you are not stuck with any physical limitations. Your vinyl banners can be put up outdoors, indoors or virtually against any surface you wish you to use for your advertisement! Plus, they last a long time making it a worthwhile business investment.   So ask us to design you something, or send us your own file. And then pick your product options, approve the proof and just like that, your vinyl banner is now yours!

Retractable Banner
Looking for something for that’s simple, visible, and portable?   Retractable Banners are the sleek new marketing tool used by businesses internationally. And they’re not the hottest item for nothing - the flexibility a retractable banner provides is endless. While cost-effective, it provides the space to display your full brand messaging while providing the flexibility of constant travel! Fold away your banner to protect it from dust and wrinkle and have it looking brand new for a long period of time. Position it anywhere around your trade show exhibits and use psychology to impress your brand on a future client's’ memory!   Designing a retractable banner is simple! Either ask us to design it for you, or send us a template!

Step & Repeat Backdrop
Step & Repeat backdrops are not simply made for Hollywood’s red carpet events, they’re also useful for your business and personal events!   Step & Repeat backdrops help build activities and events to keep your client engaged! Offer your clients the use of your products while they pose in front of your Step & Repeat backdrop. Not only does it help add the personalized touch, it allows you to have valuable personalized interactions with your clients and guests. Plus, your brand just got Instagrammed!   Not a business? Not a problem! Use it during birthdays, proms, engagements, and other personal events to make the event just more memorable.  

Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display
You want your business to pop. And we mean, literally pop!   You want to be able to show off your products and exhibits just the way you want it. And you want to be able to get around with it easily. Velcro fabric pop up display allows you to do both. It is easy to put together and pack up, and it allows you the flexibility of bringing your exhibition and products to where your customers are! A velcro fabric pop-up display allows your brand to have a look that fits in with the 21st century. And an interesting one will get you instagrammed too! Now, who wouldn’t want that?