You have your manuscripts (almost) in your hand. But they need the finishes and the binding! The proper finishing and binding can often elevate a product from ordinary to extraordinary. Confused by the choices? Don't be! Our representatives are ready to walk you through your project and recommend the best finishing and binding. Our choices are listed below!


  • Collating, hole-drilling, trimming, scoring
  • Tabbing, padding, booklet making
  • Basic and special folding: Z folds, gate folds, French folds, roll folds
  • Special coatings: Aqueous, UV, Varnish


  • Saddle stitching – Popular for multipage brochures or POP pieces
  • Side stitching – Appropriate for documents you wish to flip through
  • Coil binding – A plastic spiral binding used for a more professional look
  • Perfect binding – Hidden glue binding used for books and magazines
  • Three-ring binder – We can create the ideal cover for your brand, and we'll even insert it into the front of your binders. We can print and add tabs too!