You have written your business plan, reeled in your investors, and staked out a location for your business. It is time to think of your branding, which is no easy feat!

Next Wave Web works with you as your marketing partner, from logos to interactive print ads. We know that in today's image-saturated world, not only is it important that your brand stands out, but it conveys the essence of your ideas and your brands.

Worried about the costs? Don't be. We work with your budget. So call us to get a quote!

Logos: Logos are the symbol and the first impression of your brand. Before we even develop a concept, our designers ask you detailed questions about your business, your branding strategy, and what you ultimately want to convey. From concept to creation, our team works with you to ensure that your logo is your perfect fit to make your branding come alive.

Rebranding? We will ensure that we keep your heritage in mind while we help you take your branding to the next step

Print Communications: Your advertising need not be stressful, and our partnership ensures just that.

You are looking for creative designs - one that catches a client's eye in the midst of all of the other images bombarded at them. And that is exactly what we excel at! A creative and consistent design and messaging across your print portfolio ensures your brand's smoother marketability.

Looking for presentation print materials? Your clients want to know the complex data behind your business - what are they putting their trust in, and how will they know you'll deliver? So while you are presenting pie charts and interval graphs, make sure to set the right tone with the sleek and professional presentation print materials!

Marketing Materials: A branding is only as memorable as its marketing, and your marketing materials play an important role!

Think about your coffee table at home and the number of marketing materials accumulated there. Infinite pens, a dozen different notepads, and a coffee mug or two that you did not pick out.

Creative marketing materials make you memorable. It starts with a business-perfect logo and incorporates design and messaging that helps your brand stand out. From the quirky to the stately, our graphic team will work with you to pin down your memorabilia.